Judges 4

“I will give him into your hand” (v7).  Deborah was a prophetess-judge of Israel, and through her, God commanded Barak to call the tribes of Naphtali and Zebulun into battle (v6-7) and promised that they would be victorious.  Barak was apparently not surprised at Deborah’s words (v8), yet he didn’t want to go alone; he asked her to co-lead the armies.  Just as Deborah had prophesied, they routed Sisera’s forces, despite their iron chariots, and a woman (Jael) killed Sisera himself.    

“Does not the Lord go out before you?” (v14).  Barak had skill and resources, but he needed Deborah’s encouragement.  God gives us each other a part to play, so that together we are victorious.