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Being single in today’s world means being a part of the largest segment of our population. Approximately 42% of adults in America are single.

ONE Singles exists to minister the light of God’s love to and through the single men and women of Northland Cathedral and our community. Our goal is to introduce people to Jesus Christ, to cultivate relationships rooted in Christian-love, unity and accountability, and to be an extension of God’s love to our community through outreach.

ONE Singles Wednesday nights

Facilitator: - Geraldine Jones

Each Wednesday night we gather together, enjoy refreshments, and interact with others in an open approach to learning and receiving from God's Word on a very practical, life impacting way.  Meeting room, Pastor's office.

ONE Singles features exciting activities. These activities include game nights, holiday dinners, cookouts, canoe trips, ball games, picnics and more. Through our many activities, our goal is constant-to provide singles with opportunities for meaningful interaction.


MARCH 2015

Snake Parade-, March 14, 2015; Breakfast and Parade

9:00 a.m. Breakfast -- First Watch (Amour Rd., NKC).  Erin Facklam has reserved a room for 15-20 in attendance.  Please RSVP by Thursday, March 12 to Erin, 816-517-2827 or by text message, so she can let First Watch know the final count.

11:00 a.m. Parade -- Bring lawn chairs, blankets to be placed on parade route prior to breakfast.  Feel free to bring water/soft drinks for convenience.  And remember to wear your Green!

Any questions, please call Erin.


























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