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Being single in today’s world means being a part of the largest segment of our population. Approximately 42% of adults in America are single.

ONE Singles exists to minister the light of God’s love to and through the single men and women of Northland Cathedral and our community. Our goal is to introduce people to Jesus Christ, to cultivate relationships rooted in Christian-love, unity and accountability, and to be an extension of God’s love to our community through outreach.

ONE Singles Wednesday night

Facilitator: - 2014 Geraldine Jones

Each Wednesday night we gather together, enjoy refreshments, and interact with others in an open approach to learning and receiving from God's Word on a very practical, life impacting way.  Meeting room, Pastor's office.

ONE Singles features exciting activities. These activities include game nights, holiday dinners, cookouts, canoe trips, ball games, picnics and more. Through our many activities, our goal is constant-to provide singles with opportunities for meaningful interaction.


Join the Singles for fun in Parkville on the 4th.  Meet at 8:00a for pancake breakfast at American Legion, followed with the parade at 10:00a.  Then at 6:30p, park and meet at Park Univ. to enjoy fun, food and fellowship in downtown Parkville.  At 8:00p the skydiving team will perform, and at 9:45p fireworks begin.  Plan is to watch fireworks on the hill at Park Univ., noted to be a great view. The Parkville events schedule is listed below.  Text Erin at 517-2827 with questions.

Have a wonderful and safe 4th of July weekend.

Parkville July 4 Celebration - Four days - July 2-5. 
July 4 Events - 7:00a-11:00 - Pancake Breakfast at American Legion.
Parade on Main Street - 10:00a.
Carnival and Vendors - 10:00a - 10:00p.
Parkville Symphonic Band, Park Univ., Graham Tyler Memorial Chapel - 7:30p
Falcon Sky Diving Team - 8:00p
Fireworks - 9:45p.
July 4 - Free Shuttle Service - 6:00p - Midnight - South Platte Community Center, Park University, Park Hill South H.S.


Volleyball Small Groups