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  • Last date to submit: April 10th, 2019

  • Date and time to drop off: April 8th to April 15th

  • Dates of Showing: April 17th –April 21st

  • Exhibition of selected works: April 21st- June 30th.

This is a call out for all visual artists that attend Northland Cathedral to create a work of art that can be displayed with the Easter Production this year titled “Who Will Call Him King of Kings”. The play centers around Acts 16:11-40 that contains the story of Paul and Silas imprisoned in Phillipi and being freed after an earthquake. But the real focus of the play is of people getting set free by Jesus Christ. So we are creating an opportunity for visual artists to create works of art that express what freedom is to them. These works will be displayed in conjunction with the play to further help all attending to connect with the play’s message with selected works being displayed in our new gallery through the month of June. No limitation on the number of submissions by any artist.

Some questions that might stimulate your creativity;

  • What kind of prison did Jesus set you free from? Was the prison physical, mental or spiritual or some combination? Perhaps it was a prison of loneliness containing an empty void that Jesus filled.

  • What did your prison breakout look like?

  • What does freedom look like to you?

  • Does it require both a before and after painting to really show the degree of change in your life?

All of the works submitted will be used during the plays run to help enhance the message of the play. We will be displaying some of the hanging works in our new gallery April 21st – June 30th.

Please send a jpeg of your work to e-mail: jbaum@northlandcathedral.org