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“Go Into All the World”

September 1st- October 27th.

Mark 16:15 “And he (Jesus) said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.” 

This call will focus on visual representations of reaching out to the world with the gospel.  Our church will be having its’ mission emphasis week during this show where we have many missionaries come and share some of their extraordinary adventures in foreign lands.  There is certainly much material to draw from in many of these accounts to illustrate or expound on.  But what about how regular Christians, who don’t go into missions, impact their world every day by letting the light of Jesus shine through them as they intentionally love others?  This can be through acts of kindness on an individual basis all the way up to trying to depict the clash of darkness with light in the spiritual realm.  Let your creativity soar as you interpret this in your own way.  Jesus described the kingdom using parables of plants, farming, and animals all the time.  Lots of possibilities are available.

The Bible tells us we are all ambassadors of Christ if we are in His family, (2Corinthians 5:20).  Doesn’t that make us all missionaries in a world of darkness?  Taking ownership of that responsibility can change one’s life forever, as well as potentially every person you will ever meet.  I hope you will join me in grappling with how to express this vital part of every believer’s life visually with the gifts you have been given.

Go Into All The World Submission Dates

  • Last date to submit: August 28

  • Date and time to drop off: August 21 - August 28

  • Dates of Showing: September 1 - October 31

The Artist Release Form can be submitted here or you can visit the church office.

“Impact of the Incarnation”

November 3rd- December 28th


(1) the embodiment of a deity or spirit in some earthly form 

(2) capitalized : the union of divinity with humanity in Jesus Christ 

What impact has the Incarnation of Jesus Christ had on the world?

What impact has the Incarnation of Jesus Christ had on your life personally?  

There are so many different directions an artist can go within this theme.  Historically even the calendars that we use center on His first coming, as well as much of the culture of the west, at the least, pays homage to Him in some way.  Jesus is the focus of the whole Bible.  Many artists have focused on the visitation of the angel to Mary as the time of Jesus being put into her womb by the Holy Spirit.  Others have focused on His birth or the wise men’s visitation, or later doing of miracles.  Western art is full of images that try to capture a glimpse of the impact He has had.  

But part of the challenge of this call for art is to really examine our own life and honestly evaluate the degree of impact He has had up to this point on us personally, as well as how much you would like for Him to have in the future.  Just as in doing a self-portrait we can learn much about ourselves as we seek to honestly answer these questions.  Next, comes the opportunity in how to express those thoughts and emotions visually.  I look forward to seeing the unique creations that will be submitted to this show.

Impact of the Incarnation Submission Dates

  • Last date to submit: October 21

  • Date and time to drop off: October 21 - October 30

  • Dates of Showing: November 1 - December 28